Summer Russian Course&Excursions

We are glad to invite you to our Summer Russian language Course&Excursions at Yekaterinburg. It is for you, if you want to learn or improve your Russian language skills, discover real Russia with our generous hospitality, delicious cuisine, natural and historical landmarks and find new friends.

Why Yekaterinburg?

  • It is situated in the middle of Russia, between Europe and Asia and it combines traditions of East and innovations of the West.
  • It is a cultural and historical centre with landmarks that are famous all-over Russia or even the world.
  • It has amazing nature and unique landscapes with wonderful opportunities for summer o winter entertainments.
  • It is a tourist centre and one of the stays during the famous Trans-Siberian railway.

Summer Russian Course&Excursions includes:

  • Russian language course of 20 hours per week at “LC “MAGELLAN”, including Reference Materials,
  • Excursion program at Yekaterinburg and outside the city (light or intensive)*,
  • Transfer,
  • Visa support.

Details of the course:

Form of learning: individual, self-organized pairs, self-organized groups up to 4 person
Duration: 1-4 weeks
Level: all the levels and educational program by your request
Start: any day

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