Russian language teaching method

Russian language school “MAGELLAN” specialises in teaching Russian via intensive short-term courses and immersion to native speakers invironment. Our Russian language courses are for motivated people looking for fast, focused results and discovering real Russia. 

In our Russian language school you will find: 
  • Friendly and supporting learning environment 
  • Individual attention to every student from our stuff
  • Complete immersion in Russian language
  • Enthusiastic and attentive teachers who create individual program according to your goals and requests.
  • Discovering Russian culture and way of life with our Host families
  • Tours and excursions in Ekaterinburg and the Ural region
Our teaching method bases on: 
  • Communication and Interaction (You will practice spoken Russian as much as possible and improve your communication skills during the lessons and after classes with the host families, during excursions and other entertainment).
  • Supporting learning environment and motivation (Friendly environment and positive atmosphere will help you to get best results and motivate to improve your skills).
  • Starting speaking Russian from very beginning (Our teachers will help you to break language barries and expand your vocabulary from lesson to lesson)
  • Personalisation and individual approach (The course is flexible and adapted to your goals, needs and interests: more grammer, more speaking, complex course, preparation for TORFL, business courses, etc)
  • Game- based learning (Our teachers use a lot of different materials to make your classes interesting, more efficient, dynamic and rememberable: extracts from Russian films, songs, classical and modern literature, radio and TV shows, etc)
  • Full immersion (You will dive in Russian language, culture and Russian everyday life).
  • Attention from our stuff : managers, Russian language teachers, host families, guides, etc.
  • Wide excursion program that will help you to explore our country, discover the beauty of its nature, cultural and historical heritage

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