Cultural activities package “The best in one week”

This is the 1-week cultural activities package that allows you to discover modern and old Ekaterinburg as well as the Ural mountains. You will carefully keep the ballance between classes and excursion program that will improve your language skills and explore Russia.

The excursion program is the supplement to the Russian language course and usually is organized after lunch.

The basic excursion program in Ekaterinburg.

Day 1: City- tour, 2,5-3 h

You will see historical centre of Yekaterinburg, the monument of its fathers-founders, the city plan, Church -on-the-blood -the most famous cathedral, you will walk along the old streets that preserve the style of the XIX century with merchants mansions, learn about the theatrical and literary life of Yekaterinburg of XIX – XX centuries, observe the buildings of Soviet period in the constructivism style and see the view of modern city.

Day 2: Border between Europe and Asia, Monastery Ganina Yama, 3,5-4h

The Border between Europe and Asia is the obelisk that was set up in a unique geographical place where the natural border between Europe and Asia crosses. It is situated in 17 km from the city. The western part of monument was brought from the very western part of the continent, and the eastern part of monument was brought from the very eastern part of the continent. 

Ganina Yama is an operating men monastery that was built at the place where the Royal family  was buried after their cruel murder. It is a complex of 7 wooden temples in Russian style according to the number of Royal family members.


Day 3:  Eltzin centre, 2h

Museum uses the latest technologies to tell about the life of the first Russian President and his political biography. The Central exposition is “Seven days that changed Russia” . It describes the era of the 90’s based on original documents and materials and tell about the difficult period of our country.

Day 4: Food master-class, 2h

We offer 2 options of food master – class: preparing “pelmeny” or decorating the ural gingerbread

During the “pelmeny” master-class in local cafe you will not only learn how to cook pelmeny, but discover traditional Russian food and of course you will taste it! If you really want to know Russian culture and traditions –this is the way! 

Day 5: Free time. It is possible to book tickets to the theatre, etc.

Day 6: Azov mountain (or Mountain complex “Chertovo Gorodishe”)

Chertovo Gorodishe is a complex of rocks rising almost 350 metres above sea level. It is located near the city and it is a favorite place for our citizens during winter or summer season.

Azov mountain is a complex of mountains 589 meters high. 

From the top of the highest rock you will find a pictures view of the Ural mountains and nearest towns. You will enjoy hiking, breath fresh air and relax among the nature.

Day 7: Free time. It is possible to book tickets to the theatre, etc.

Prices for package

The price includes transport, English speaking guide, entrance tickets, excursion in museum.

Number of person

1 person 

2 people

3 people

4 people 

5 people 

Euro per person






We can improve the excursion program according to your design: add or replace some excursion, change the number of days, enlarge the number of people in group.

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