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Get fast results in learning Russian online

Nowadays there is great variety of methods of learning Russian on-line: different video channels, Apps, eBooks, online courses, online lessons. How not to get lost in this internet reality?

Here we summarize some advises that will help you to structure your online learning and make it more relaxing and efficient.

First of all choose the course or other tools that suit your level of Russian. Don’t overestimate or underestimate your level because you might lose the interest and can be demotivated.

If you are not a complete beginner yet and do not know how to start leaning Russian online, target on your current weaknesses. That will save your time and allow you to focus on the useful methods.

Stick to the tools that fit your personal style of learning. If you feel comfortable to get in touch with a person that will coach you, get individual online Russian lessons with a private tutor. If you prefer to study on your own, use eBooks, Apps and other impersonal tools! The key to effective results in studying is to feel yourself comfortable with the methods you have chosen.

If you have an individual online course with a Russian teacher ask your teacher to create a special program to you. Tell him or her your aims and wishes, your weaknesses or what you want to improve. Based on this information the tutor will create a complex of exercises suitable for you.

Practice Russian in groups on-line. Find a community or just Russian on-line speaking classes as we do. Such classes will allow you to maintain your language skills and practice Russian in everyday informal communication.

Price for 1 individual lesson:

45 min – 13 euro

60 min – 16 euro

90 min – 26 euro

10 lessons – 5% discount

20 lessons – 10% discount

30 lessons – 15% discount

Online Russian speaking class:

  • Every Sunday 
  • Duration – 60 minutes 
  • 8 EUR per class/ 28 EUR per 4 classes

Start to learn russian in a group for the beginners online!

Day: every Sunday from 07/06/2020
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 16 EUR per lesson/ 64 EUR per 4 lessons.

To order the online course

Our team

  • Yulia Lekanova

    Yulia Lekanova

    Head of the school


    I founded the school in 2011.

    Courses of Russian language for foreigners is one of our favourite field of activity.

    We do like Russia and Russian language and want as many people as possible visit our country, learn our language and enjoy their time here.

    Nowadays we are more than just a school. As an inbound tour operator we provide to our customers complex tours to Russia to learn our country more entirely.

    We are glad to help you to discover real Russia and to measure our hospitality and professionalism.

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  • Elena Prostakova

    Elena Prostakova



    I am the person who helps you with each step from the first request. I am managing your lessons and am willing to answer any arising questions. In addition to organizational matters, I ensure that your studying proceeds smoothly and comfortably.

    I am looking forward to seeing you on the courses of Russian language for foreigners in our language center. Next time You visit us, I will greet You in Your mother tongue (English, Italian, French)!

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  • Olga Mikhailova

    Olga Mikhailova



    My scientific interests are literature searches and linguistics. I constantly upgrade my knowledge and intend to be a perfect teacher for my students


    2014-Ural Federal University, department of Philology, master of Philology

    2014-Ural Federal University.  Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language

    2016-Ural Federal University, in order to get the PH.D. scientific degree of Philology

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  • Yulia Kruglova

    Yulia Kruglova



    Why do foreigners learn Russian? For example, Murat from Turkey dreamed to read Dostoevsky’s works in Russian by himself. He Murat went home with a collection of works by Fyodor Mikhailovich.
    Tourists from Holland, having made the most difficult route in the Urals, left with knowledge of Orthodox realities of Russia.
    Hardworking Chinese learn Russian to study and work in Russia.
    Share and you your dream, and I will help you to realize it!

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  • Yulia Arkhipova

    Yulia Arkhipova



    Education :

    2011-Ural pedagogical University,  Interpreter (Spanish)

    2014-Ural Federal University, department of international relations

    2015-Harmon Hall (Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico)

    Experience :

    since 2012-teacher of Spanish and Russian as a foreign language

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  • Evgenia Kosych

    Evgenia Kosych



    Education :

    2016-Ural Federal University, department of Philology, master of Philology

    Experience :

    since 2015-teacher of Russian 

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  • Valentina Musalnikova

    Valentina Musalnikova



    Education :

    2021-Ural Federal University, department of Philology, master of Philology

    Experience :

    since 2000-teacher of Russian

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