Winter Course and Excursions in Russia, Ekaterinburg

Dear friends! 

We are happy to present you our new winter cultural activities packages in Russia that are suitable as for groups as for pairs and individuals.

You will have an excellent opportunity to combine Russian language course and excursion program in Ekaterinburg . During 1 or 2 weeks you will observe the best landmarks : 

  • Church-on-the-Blood,
  • Border between Europe and Asia,
  • Monastery Ganina Yama,
  • Eltzin centre, modern interactive museum
  • Food master-classes,
  • Hiking in mountains (Azov mountain or Mountain complex “Chertovo Gorodishe”),
  • Military or Autocar Museum in Verkhnaya Pyshma,
  • Dog sledding, etc.

More information you can find there: Winter Course and Excursions in Russia or by this feedback, by tel. 007 967 63 99 844 or by e-mail: 

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