For expatriates

Do you live and work in Russia now? Do you need knowledge of Russian language to communicate with co-workers or in every-day life? Do you live in Yekaterinburg with your family? We are glad to help you!

Learning Russian as a foreign language for expatriates at Yekaterinburg is one of our main activities. We provides  full range of courses:

  • One-to-one courses (Intensive or extensive)
  • Courses for self-organized groups
  • Corporate courses
  • Courses for children
  • Preparation for TORFL

One-to-one courses!

One-to-one or individual course of Russian language is the most popular service at our school. This option has lots of advantages:

  • You have a course that corresponds to your own aims of studying (sphere of business, special vocabulary, less grammar, more communication, etc)
  • You can follow you pace (duration and frequency of the lessons, part of the day, place (at our office, at your office, at home)
  • 100% of teacher’s attention is yours
  • Special program for you!


Basic price: 800 rub per 1 academic hour


  • buy 4 lessons* – get 5% discount

  • buy 8 lessons* – get 10% discount

  • buy 12 lessons* – get 15% discount

*1 lesson is 2 academic hours or more

Courses for self-organized groups at our office

If you have friends/ colleagues/ members of your family who want to learn Russian language and has similar to your level of knowledge, you may study Russian at self –organized groups. The advantages of this option are:

  • Tiny prices for each person,
  • Studying among your friends,
  • Special program that corresponds your aims,
  • Location in the centre of the city,
  • Your own group pace (duration and frequency of the lessons, part of the day)


Groups of 3-4 person 1 300 rub per academic hour
Groups of more than 5person 1 500 rub per academic hour

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Corporate courses

When do you need corporative course?

  • You have highly skilled foreign workers that have to communicate with co-workers or in every-day life,
  • You have foreign TOP –manager that has to communicate with the staff,
  • You have low-qualified foreign workers that have to get permission for work.

Why us?

  • We create special program for your corporate course according to your company needs, field of activity, time frame, etc,
  • You form the timetable that is convenient to you,
  • You can choose your pace of studying (intensive (up to 8 hours per day) or extensive (2-3 classes per week) course, frequency and length of classes)
  • You can choose the location (at your office, at our office),
  • We assess your level at the beginning and at the end of course
  • The first lesson is free!



Price, per academic hour

Individual classes

From 800 rub

Groups up to 4 person at our office

1200 rub

Groups up to 10 person at your office

1500 rub

Intensive course up to 8 hours per day

By request

To order