Preparation for TORFL (TRKI)

Test of RFL (TORFL/TRKI) is an official international exams measuring knowledge of Russian language of foreigners. It assesses skills and abilities of candidate in such aspects as: Grammar and Vocabulary, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. According to the statistic the most difficult part is Writing.

There are six levels of Russian as a foreign language, that correspond with the european language system. 

A1 Elementary level  
A2 Basic level obligate for getting citizenship
B1 The First Certificate obligate for entering the University
B2 The Second Certificate
obligate for getting Diploma for non-humanitarian profession
C1 The Third Certificate
obligate for getting Diploma for humanitarian profession
C2 The Fourth Certificate
obligate for teaching Russian as a foreign language

TRKI exams are very challenging and requires specific preparation.  Specialists of Language Centre “MAGELLAN” can prepare you for passing TRKI exams of all levels: Basic level, First Certificate Level, Second Certificate Level, Third Certificate Level, even Fourth Certificate Level. The preparation for TORFL includes:
– assessment of current level of knowledge,
– indicating strong and weak points
– improvement required skills from weak zones.

There are special techniques and methods to adjust your language skills  and get prepared for exams.

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Also there are some special exams for people who wants to live and work in Russia. For example, the Complex Test of Russian as a Foreign Language, law and istory is obligate to get job permission, (temporary) residence permission. This test consists of 5 parts:Reading – Writing –  Vocabulary&Grammar  – Listening – Speaking. You will improve each of this skills during preparation at our centre.


Complex  exam for job permission

55 euro

Complex  exam for temporary residence permission

60 euro

Complex  exam for residence permission

65 euro


95 euro

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