Excursions in Yekaterinburg

Our company is a touristic operator of incoming tourism in Russia that is why for our students we organize excursions in Yekaterinburg, Ural and whole country.

You can choose any excursion in Yekaterinburg from our list or we can create tour according to your wishes. We offer excursions in Russian, English, French, German, Espanol, Chinese and other languages.

City tours

City tour in the centre of the city (2h): you will see historical centre of Yekaterinburg, the monument of its fathers-founders, the city plan, Church -on-the-blood -the most famous cathedral,  you will walk along the old streets that that preserve the style of the XIX century, learn about the theatrical and literary life of Yekaterinburg of XIX – XX centuries and see the view of modern city.

Yekaterinburg merchants (2h): you’ll visit the masterpieces of wooden architecture  XIX – XX centuries  – Yekaterinburg merchants’ mansions: Ryazanov, Agafurov, Kharitonov, Rastorguev. During the excursion you will also learn the peculiarities of the Ural merchants and their way of life and traditions.

gorod Chek0The Soviet Yekaterinburg (2h): during the excursion we will talk about constructivism and life at Soviet Yekaterinburg, visit Gorodok Chekistov (the complex of buildings built at 30th of XX century), memorial “Black Tulip”, take pictures with “Katyusha” and T-34 tank.

The mysterious Yekaterinburg (1,5 h): during the excursion we will walk at the beautiful arboretum and visit its heart – the mansions of Kharitonov –Rastorguev that still keep secrets of its owners .

You can add to your excursion visiting the museums of Yekaterinburg:

Viewing platform “Vysotsky” (1 h): this is the highest building in the Northern latitudes, at 52 floor of which there is the viewing platform. In good weather you can see suburbs of Yekaterinburg

Museum of Yekaterinburg’s history (1-1,5h): show the history of our city at XVIII century. You will see the face of the city, its streets and buildings at present and at XVIII century in the form of visual digital reconstructions. Also you will watch 3D movie about Yekaterinburg

Exposition of Shigir idol (1-1,5h): the most ancient wooden idol in the world. It was found at the end of XIX century. Its age is about 11 000 years, twice elder the Egyptian pyramids! the original length was 5,3 m. The idol shows the spiritual life of ancient Ural people.

Jewelry Museum (1-1,5h): you will see articles made of malachite, Jasper and marble and also the artwork of masters of the Ekaterinburg lapidary factory.

Museum of the first President Boris Yeltsin (1.5-2h): Museum uses the latest technologies to tell about the life of the first Russian President and his political biography. The Central exposition is “Seven days that changed Russia” . It discribes the era of the 90’s based on original documents and materials and tell about the difficult period of our country.

Out of the city excursions

Ganina Yama (4h): operating men monastery that was built at the place where the Royal family  was buried after their cruel murder. It is a complex of 7 wooden temples in Russian style according to the number of Royal family members.

The Border between Europe and Asia (2h): is the obelisk that was set up in a unique geographical place where the natural border between Europe and Asia crosses. It is situated in 17 km from the city. The western part of monument was brought from the very western part of the continent, and the eastern part of monument was brought from the very eastern part of the continent. 

Museum of military equipment at Verhnyaya Pyshma (4h): there are more than 70 exhibits of military and vintage cars and motorcycles including samples from  France,  England, USA an Russia (Soviet Union)

Chertovo Gorodishe (4h): complex of rocks rising almost 350 metres above sea level. It is the favorite place for our citizens

«Park Skazov» (4 h): the park dedicated to Russian fairy tales and stories of Russian writers. During the interactive program you will visit peasant’s house, learn the live of Russian peasants and even lie on the stove.

Excursions in the Ural region

DSCN5735[1]Nevyansk leaning tower (6h): during excursion you will learn many secrets of this monument of XVIII century, visit the auditory room, see the antique English clocks and the first lightning rod.

Natural Park “Deer Streams” (9h): during the route you will see the main landmarks of the park: rock cliffs with a view of the river, tercentenary pines, the caves and the only Russian sculpture “Angel of Single Hope” and others.

The Museum –reserve in Nizhaya Sinyachikha (10h): this is the Museum at the open air,  where you can observe wooden architecture (peasant houses, Churches, lookout tower, forge) and ancient Russian folk art of Middle Urals of XVII, XVIII and XIX century

To order the excursion

Our team

  • Yulia Lekanova

    Yulia Lekanova

    Head of the school


    I founded the school in 2011.

    Courses of Russian language for foreigners is one of our favourite field of activity.

    We do like Russia and Russian language and want as many people as possible visit our country, learn our language and enjoy their time here.

    Nowadays we are more than just a school. As an inbound tour operator we provide to our customers complex tours to Russia to learn our country more entirely.

    We are glad to help you to discover real Russia and to measure our hospitality and professionalism.

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  • Elena Prostakova

    Elena Prostakova



    I am the person who helps you with each step from the first request. I am managing your lessons and am willing to answer any arising questions. In addition to organizational matters, I ensure that your studying proceeds smoothly and comfortably.

    I am looking forward to seeing you on the courses of Russian language for foreigners in our language center. Next time You visit us, I will greet You in Your mother tongue (English, Italian, French)!

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  • Olga Mikhailova

    Olga Mikhailova



    My scientific interests are literature searches and linguistics. I constantly upgrade my knowledge and intend to be a perfect teacher for my students


    2014-Ural Federal University, department of Philology, master of Philology

    2014-Ural Federal University.  Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language

    2016-Ural Federal University, in order to get the PH.D. scientific degree of Philology

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  • Yulia Kruglova

    Yulia Kruglova



    Why do foreigners learn Russian? For example, Murat from Turkey dreamed to read Dostoevsky’s works in Russian by himself. He Murat went home with a collection of works by Fyodor Mikhailovich.
    Tourists from Holland, having made the most difficult route in the Urals, left with knowledge of Orthodox realities of Russia.
    Hardworking Chinese learn Russian to study and work in Russia.
    Share and you your dream, and I will help you to realize it!

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  • Yulia Arkhipova

    Yulia Arkhipova



    Education :

    2011-Ural pedagogical University,  Interpreter (Spanish)

    2014-Ural Federal University, department of international relations

    2015-Harmon Hall (Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico)

    Experience :

    since 2012-teacher of Spanish and Russian as a foreign language

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  • Evgenia Kosych

    Evgenia Kosych



    Education :

    2016-Ural Federal University, department of Philology, master of Philology

    Experience :

    since 2015-teacher of Russian 

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  • Valentina Musalnikova

    Valentina Musalnikova



    Education :

    2021-Ural Federal University, department of Philology, master of Philology

    Experience :

    since 2000-teacher of Russian

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