Frequently asked questions

1. How to become a student of LC “MAGELLAN”?

  • Apply via our website specifying the preferable dates of your visit, type of Russian language course and level, if you need accommodation, transfer and other services.
  • Receive confirmation of the course, accommodation (host family or Hotel) from our manager and complete calculation of the booked services.
  • Transfer the application fee and 10% pre-payment via PayPal or bank account.
  • Send us a copy of your passport and flight data for visa invitation
  • Get your Invitation letter
  • Apply for your visa in your country and get visa
  • Fill the Russian level test to make your course more effective
  • Get the final information letter from our school before arrival with all necessary information.
  • See you in Ekaterinburg!

2. What is included in the Application fee?

To be registered to Russian language course you have to transfer application fee 25 EUR. It includes:

  • Registration for the Russian language program
  • Pre-course questionnaire
  • Invitation for visa*
  • Accommodation booking fee
  • Walking city tour in the centre of Yekaterinburg with Russian/ English – speaking guide.

3. What visa type can you provide me?

The visa invitation we provide depends on amount of study weeks booked in our school. Based on your course length, we can offer you a tourist (up to 4 weeks) or a simplified student (up to 12 weeks for EU countries only) visa invitation.

4. What is better: homestay or hotel?

We strongly recommend our students to choose host family. It is a perfect opportunity to dive into Russian, to practice the language in friendly and welcoming atmosphere outside the classroom. Our families are very hospitable, friendly and provide additional entertainment to our students.

5. How do you choose the host families?

Our host families have been carefully selected according to the following criteria:

  • The quality of accommodation
  • The hosts speak English/ French/ German
  • The hosts are sincerely interested in helping students to develop their Russian
  • The hosts are sociable, hospitable, open- minded and keen to make new friends and learn about cultures of students from other countries

6. Hostels & hotels

If you prefer to stay at the hotel, we will advise you the best options based on your needs and book the room for your stay. Please contact our managers to get more information.

7.  Will I get a certificate?

At the end of the course each student gets a Certificate indicating course type, duration of the program, achieved level, etcю.

8. How long does one academic hour last?

One academic hour lasts 40 minutes. Usually we start our lessons at 10 a.m. and make breaks every 2 or 3 academic hours. For individual courses, you set your own schedule

9. Do you have group lessons ?

Yes, we provide group lessons for self- organized groups (usually 3-6 people). If you have a friend or classmates with the same level of Russian language you can take group course. You will have some benefits: lower prices for course, more opportunities for travelling. To study and travel with friends always is more exciting, interesting and comfortable.

10. Do you have special offers for expatriates?

Yes, we have. If you live and work in Russia, in Ekaterinburg, you will have:

  • special prices for course,
  •  lack of application fee,
  • availability of long- term courses