We congratulate you on the Day of the Russian Language!

We congratulate you with the Day of the Russian Language!

Russian language is great and unique, harmonious and melodic. We wish you to express any emotions, feelings, hopes and desires.

Special Summer offers for groups and pairs

If you have a friend (or friends) with the same level of Russian language and you look for Intensive Russian language course in Russia with full immersion to language environment, welcome to our courses in Ekaterinburg!

Learn Russian with friend and get discount!

The offer available till 31.08.2017 г.

Find a friend with the same level of Russian language and get 

– 10% discount for each from the course "in pair"

Free City -tour in Ekaterinburg (in Russian or your language)

Apply now!

Special offer for self -organized groups

The offer available till 31.12.2017 г.

Special prices per 1 academic hour:

– for groups of 3-4 person – 28 euro

– for groups of from 5 person – 35 euro

– free City -tour in Ekaterinburg (in Russian or your language)

Apply now!

Why with us?

– You can order Individual program according to your needs: preparation for exams, communicative or business course, etc. Everything depends on you!

– You will be tauhgt by professional and experienced teachers who are fond of their work. 

– You can start your course any day you want and chose your own intensity of classes (10 -40 academic hours per week)

– We provide you accommodation in the host family where you will continue to study Russian in real life!

– You will enjoy Russian nature, observe natural and historical landmarks of Ekaterinburg and Ural mountains and try Russian summer entertainment!

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